Cover the future


In an increasingly competitive commerce, let us help you meet the future, with today’s resources.

For minimum orders of 300 meters, we offer a bespoke service, tailoring the properties of your chosen faux leather to match the limits of your imagination (colour / texture / protective qualities, Crib 5/7, M1, Bs57, etc.). What’s more, we can give you exclusivity over your creation, making you the only business in the world to sell that product.

Easy Clean

Restore elegance to your properties simply by applying water and soap over the stain. No washing powder or detergents are needed!  The latest innovation in eco leather.


By destroying or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms, this is the perfect addition to hospitals, schools, boat manufacturers and any other institution seeking an added level of hygiene. 

Flame Retardancy

Our products fulfil the requirements for fire resistance and are in compliance with national and international safety standards for public buildings. Available in UK BS5852 0&1&5&7, FRENCH NF92503 M1, M2 , GERMAN 4102 B1, B2, IMO FTP P8, etc.). Ideal for use in hotels, hospitals, schools, restaurants, pubs, night clubs, boats, etc.


An advanced ventilation system allows moisture vapour to be transmitted through a system of microscopic pores. This intelligent fabrics also absorbs sound due to its softer nature, making it ideal for those seeking maximum comfort in their sofas and beds.

Why Cuero

Reach, Oeko-Tex, IMO Certified and Phthalate free
Made in Europe
Ultimate Quality and Fast Service
More than 300 fantastic colours in all areas of your life